Notifications were provided via email to election judges on Monday, July 2nd, for online election judge training, which is now active.  

Individuals must complete training by August 5th to be eligible to serve as an election judge in the primary and by October 28th to be eligible to serve in the general election.  All clerks need to complete the required training hours before July 31st, when the filing period starts.

All of the below trainings will be in the Commissioner Room on the 2nd floor of the Lyon County Government Center.  

Head judge training will likely be at least 90 minutes long as training on the DS200 (which replaced the M100 as ballot counter) will be included.  DS200s will be used at all polling locations this year.



Health Care Election Judge Training - Commissioner Room

2:00 p. - 3:00 p., Wednesday, July 11


Head Election Judge Training - Commissioner Room

Session #1:  3:00 p. - 4:30 p., Wednesday, July 11

Session #2:  6:30 p. - 8:00 p., Monday, July 16

Session #3: 10:00 a. - 11:30 a., Thursday, July 26 - conference room 1 on 2nd floor of Gov't Center



Please note there are now Poll Pad trainings scheduled for the 7 polling locations (10 precincts) that will use Poll Pads instead of paper rosters and registrations.

For the Poll Pad training only, there is limited seating because of the hands-on set up and use.  Individuals must register for a session via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 537-6724, option 4.  

The Poll Pad training is not required for each election judge that will be working in the 7 impacted polling places.  Poll Pad training is required for at least as many judges as the number of Poll Pads in your precinct and is highly recommended it for all election judges that may be assigned to use the equipment to check-in voters and/or register voters.

Poll Pad Training - Commissioner Room

Session #1:  2:00 p. - 4:00 p., Tuesday, July 17

Session #2:  6:00 p. - 8:00 p., Tuesday, July 17

Session #3:  6:00 p. - 8:00 p., Wednesday, July 18

Session #4:  9:30 a - 11:30 a., Friday, August 3 - conference room 1 on 2nd floor of Gov't Center

In addition to the above formal trainings, Lyon County will have Poll Pads, DS200s and AutoMARKs available for hands-on demonstration/practice on Friday afternoons any time between 1:00 – 4:00 pm on July 13, 20, 27, and August 3 in conference room 1 directly across from the Auditor/Treasurer’s office in the Lyon County Government Center.

Please contact the Auditor/Treasurer's office if you have any questions.


Polling locations and precincts using Poll Pads starting in 2018:

  • Balaton Community Center
    • City of Balaton
    • Rock Lake Township
  • Cottonwood Community Center
    • City of Cottonwood
  • SMSU R/A Facility
    • City of Marshall, Ward 1
  • Marshall Middle School
    • City of Marshall, Ward 2
  • Marshall Area YMCA
    • City of Marshall, Ward 3
  • Minneota Community Center
    • City of Minneota
    • Nordland Township
    • Westerheim Township
  • Veterans Memorial Center
    • City of Tracy


Download this file (Save the Dates for 2018 Elections.pdf)important dates for 2018 elections[ ]150 kB