Alerts and Warnings.  There is always a lot of confusion on terminology.  The way that I remember it is that “watches” are just that, watch the time and watch the skies.  “Warning” has an “r” in the word.  The “r” is for “run, shelter, tornado.  Make sure that you understand the difference and know where your safe shelter areas are wherever you are.   Severe Weather, Lightning and Hail.  The largest cause of injury and death in severe weather is caused by flying and falling debris.  If you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to hit you. “When it Roars, go Indoors”.   Floods.   6” of water reaches the bottom of many cars, causing them to stall or lose control, 1’ of water floats many vehicles, 2’ of rushing water carries away cars, SUV’s and pick-ups.   Tornadoes.  Make sure that your family has a plan on where the tornado safe area is in your home.  If your home does not have a good place (like a mobile home or camper) go immediately to a sturdy structure close by.  Have your NOAA Weather Radio ready to go.   Extreme Heat.  Extreme heat is very dangerous for elderly and small children.  Do NOT leave pets, children or elderly persons in a car!  Even just a few minutes can be deadly for them.   Please contact me at 507 929-6615 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have any questions, comments or are looking for more information.  Also if you know of a group that needs a speaker (free!!!!) please let me know.  

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