Garbage Analysis Discovers Thrown-Away Recycables


The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) conducted a Waste Characterization Study in 2013. The study revealed that 40% of the material delivered as garbage to Lyon County Regional Landfill is actually recyclable!

 The MPCA stated that Lyon County has a well-structured residential recycling program, coordinated by the Lyon County Environmental Office (507) 532-8210.

Statewide, recyclables heading to landfills cost an estimated $217 million each year in lost economic value - in that recyclable materials could have been sold and turned into new products. Improvements in commercial and businesses recycling in the county would provide increased recycling rates. A survey was sent out to commercial entities in the county to determine the feasibility of developing a commercial recycling program. The survey results are included in the attachment at the end of this article. 

Download this file (Recycling Survey Report.pdf)Recycling Survey Report.pdf[ ]680 kB
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