Services and Fees


The Environmental Department charges nominal fees for disposal of problem materials such as mattress, car seats, and electronic waste. Similarly, camping and building rental fees are low, yet help to pay for a portion of the total expenses of managing our parks, campgrounds, and trails.




 The Environmental Department provides rental of County Fairgrounds buildings and grounds for special events, wedding receptions, graduation parties, and more. Our two County Parks both have campground facilities with low nightly camping rates. 

Residential "curbside" recycling, and use of recycling sheds/containers are provided for residents only. Commercial recycling is not provided through the County, however we encourage your business to recycle, and are glad to help.
In addition to curbside collections, disposal of special materials (mattresses, car seats, electronic waste, etc.) is available to businesses and resident alike.

 Residents and businesses in the eight-County region may dispose of construction & demolition waste, regular garbage, and large garbage items. The landfill is also the collection point for other recyclable materials including metal, appliances, electronic waste, and tires.


Please refer to the attached documents for current prices related to the Environmental Department.

Download this file (Parks-Fairgrounds Rates.pdf)Parks-Fairgrounds Rates.pdf[ ]352 kB
Download this file (Landfill Rates.pdf)Landfill Rates.pdf[ ]349 kB
Download this file (Recycling Special Items Rates.pdf)Recycling Special Items Rates.pdf[ ]349 kB