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Landfill Hours
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Sat. 7:00am - Noon

Did you know Recycling can get CONTAMINATED??? 


Please learn what you can recycle and what is best to throw in the trash can to keep waste hauling workers, and Material Recovery Facility workers safe. Remember, they are people who have the same right to workplace safety as you do.

Millennium Recycling in Sioux Falls receives all the recyclables collected in Lyon County. From there, sorted and processed recyclables are shipped to end markets as feedstock in the manufacture of new products. On my visit I witnessed firsthand examples of the "wrong stuff" that gets put in recycling carts.

Two cases in point; 

1) One of the loads from Lyon County contained quite a few needles/sharps and other medical items such as bags and tubes. 

We know that contamination is a big headache for collection providers, and also for the Material Recovery Facility as it can cause lower production rates; damaged equipment and degradation of quality of the acceptable materials.  But the biggest concern is to the employees who work at these facilities that are being exposed to health and safety hazards caused by the unacceptable items.

Examples of things that are unacceptable and safety/health hazards are: medical waste of any kind including sharps; any type of gaseous containers, e.g. propane/oxygen/helium canisters; knives hoses/cords; diapers; etc.

2) Some material such as plastic bags are a huge problem for recycling sorting facilities like Millennium. Its no different than farm equipment such as a combine gets plastic bags wrapped up in the gears - it halts the harvest. The same is true for the Material Recovery Facility when things like plastic bags, diapers, wire hangers,  medical waste, etc. get past the workers. And of course there’s that yuck factor if it happens to be say something like a diaper.

If you have a chance watch a short (34 seconds) clip regarding contamination at   It’s part of Rhode Island’s recycling program information.  Good title - Recycle Better to Keep Our Workers Safe – and a good idea!

Please learn what you can recycle and what is best to throw in the trash can to keep waste hauling workers, and Material Recovery Facility workers safe. Remember, they are people who have the same right to workplace safety as you do.

The ResQZone is a recycling initiative to refurbish unwanted, usable computer equipment for use by low income County residents and non-profit organizations providing assistance to under-served Lyon County residents.

Lyon County collects useable computer equipment at the Lyon County HHW facility. Currently, the ResQZone collects FREE of charge the following equipment:

  • Flat Screen Monitors in working condition
  • Monitor stands
  • Laptops supporting Windows 7 or newer
  • Desktops supporting Windows 7 or newer
  • All Macintosh equipment


We employ Department of Defense (DoD) data security protocol 5220.22 M to securely sanitize hard disk drive (HDD) data on each computer  received. We can provide upon request a certificate of destruction and transfer for each machine donated for refurbishing.

For more information please check out the information attached to this article, or call our office at (507) 532-8210.

Did You Know that burning garbage in burn barrels is far more hazardous than previously thought? The composition of garbage has dramatically changed in the last generation; far more plastics are in it than 50 years ago. Because of this fact, more harmful chemicals are being released into the atmosphere.

But that's not the whole problem... Low-temperature fires — such as those in burn barrels — release a variety of toxic substances including heavy metals, particulates, and dioxin. Since burn barrels do not completely incinerate the material, the ash and smoke can settle more quickly on nearby lands. This residue that settles onto the ground contains harmful chemicals such as Dioxin that can be taken up by plants and produce. Toxic substances in the ash can also leach in to the soil or water table. We encourage you to look into other ways to dispose of your garbage. Especially since much of the material frequently burned in a burn barrel is Recyclable! For more information please contact your local Solid Waste Office. Click the following link for an informational brochure.

Download this file (burn barrel brochure.pdf)burn barrel brochure.pdf271 kB

Weather conditions can occasionally effect landfill operations, especially in the case of high winds; which can result in litter nuisance problems for adjacent landowners, and can increase the operational costs of the landfill. For this reason, the Lyon County Regional Landfill has a closure policy for litter control. Please contact the Lyon County Environmental Administrator for more information on this policy. If current conditions are not visible, please call the landfill at (507) 865-4615 during normal operation hours for more information.

recycle-map.png In addition to curbside recycling, Recycling Drop-off Containers are currently available for all County Residents at the following locations. (NOTE: Businesses are not allowed to utilize recycling sheds or containers)

-->> CLICK HERE for a map link showing locations.

Amiret:           Across from the grain elevator

Balaton:          Next to the railroad tracks and E 2nd Street

Cottonwood:  By the County Highway / Cottonwood City Shop

Florence:        Next to the City Shop

Garvin:           SE corner of Sherman Street and 1st Street

Ghent:            In the alley next to the City Maintenance Building

Green Valley: North side of town, West of the Church on Township Hall property

Lynd:              North River Street

Marshall:        County Fair Grocery Store parking lot
                       Lyon County Fairgrounds - parking lot on east side of Public Works Building

Minneota:      County Road 3 on South edge of town by County Shop

Russell:          Next to the County Shop

Taunton:        West side of the Fire Hall

Tracy:             Tracy Food Pride

Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) include all paints, household cleaners and chemicals, pesticides, and flammable materials. If you have questions about potentially hazardous waste call (507) 532-8210. The Lyon County HHW Facility is located in the Lyon County Public Works Building, located at 504 Fairgrounds Road in Marshall. Please review the "HHW Disposal Guide"attachment below for how to properly dispose of hazardous wastes.

Weekdays: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Second Saturday of the month: 9:00am - 2:00pm


HHW disposal is FREE  for residents (not including fluorescent bulbs)

Latex & Oil-based paint  
Paint thinner
Paint Remover
Pool Chemicals
Household Cleaners
Aerosol Products
Gasoline, fuels
Fertilizer w/weed killer


Stain, Varnish, Polyurethane 
Roof tar
Driveway sealer
Glue w/Solvents
Drain and Oven cleaner
Nail polish, remover
Rechargeable/Button Batteries



 We MAY be able to accept waste from some entities, However,  

 you MUST CALL FIRST before bringing waste to our facility.

Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal:
Four Foot Tube: 50¢    Longer than 4' tube: 75¢

U-Shape, Circular, & CFL :$0.50

Residents and Businesses may bring in light bulbs.


The following materials are not accepted at the HHW facility.

Motor Oil: Check with a local service station.

Explosives: Contact the Lyon County Sheriff Office at (507) 537-7666.

Prescriptions/Pharmaceutical Waste: Lyon County Sheriff's Department "Take it to the Box" program - (attachment below)

Sharps: Lyon County HHW does NOT accept sharps. For guidance, please review the "Sharps" attachment below

From Hwy 19 West of Marshall, turn on the road to the Lyon County Fairgrounds, which runs between the Marshall Golf Club, and Bud Rose flowers. Take this road to the Lyon County Public Works Building; second building on your right. There is a Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off area under the canopy on the north side of the building.

Download this file (Sharps Fact Sheet.pdf)Sharps171 kB
Download this file (Drug Drop Off Info.pdf)Take it to the Box360 kB
Download this file (hhw.pdf)HHW Disposal Guide67 kB

Monday-Friday: 6:00am - 4:00pm     
Saturday: 7:00am - Noon
 ADDRESS: 2025 - 200TH Avenue, Lynd, MN 56157   
 PHONE: (507) 865-4615.  or (507) 532-8210.

DIRECTIONS: The Lyon County Regional Landfill address is 2025 - 200TH Avenue, Lynd, MN 56157. From Minnesota Highway 23 turn east on Lyon County Road 59 for 1 mile, then turn North on 200th Avenue to the Landfill Entrance. From US Hwy 14, turn North on Lyon County Road 5 NOTE: Please be aware of road seasonal restrictions.

Below the .pdf attachment includes the current fee schedule.

The average American produces around 7.1 lbs. of trash per day, and will generate 102 tons of trash in their lifetime. To give a bit of perspective, that weight is equivalent to every car made in Detroit since World War II! Every piece of food packaging, every old t-shirt, and all of those old phone cases that don’t fit your new one, all accumulate to form our individual 102 ton total. We have developed an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude that allows us to forgo responsibility once an item is thrown in the bin, so we often don’t think about where our garbage will end up. As convenient as it is to have our trash picked up and taken away, we have to remember that it’s only being transported to a different location, and it doesn’t disappear.

Minnesota strives to follow this order of waste management: reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, waste-to-energy (incineration), landfill. This shows that as important as recycling is, it should not be our primary goal. Yes, recycling allows us to reuse material in order to protect valuable virgin resources, but wouldn’t it be better if we refrained from using the materials in the first place? By saving those resources we save money and energy that would be spent on the manufacturing process, and the money that we would spend to buy the product. So the next time you think you need to purchase something, consider the following: 1. Is this item necessary?
2. Is it made of recycled materials?
3. Can I recycled it?
4. Can this be reused?
5. If the item cannot be recycled, how will it be disposed? The beauty of reducing one’s waste is that it is not an all-or-nothing commitment. There are some individuals who are able to reduce their waste to the point of not sending any trash to the landfill, and for others the most they can do is to bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store. The best you can do is the best you can do, and that’s okay! Changing one part of your waste stream may seem inconsequential, but it can have a great impact in the long-run. These are the steps we have to take in order to change our attitude toward sustainable living. Besides being environmentally sustainable, reducing one’s household waste directly benefits the individual. First, you save money by purchasing food and products that do not have additional packaging. When you have less packaging, you don’t pay for the extra cost, your garbage bin does not get as full, and you can reduce your hauler costs and the amount of trash sent to the landfill. Second, you begin to eat healthier because food without additional packaging is usually fresh, nutritious, and not processed. Third, you will become more conscientious about your purchases, both with food and other products. This will lead to only buying things that you really need, which declutters your life and further decreases the amount of trash and unnecessary items in your home. I’m sure we could all use a little less clutter in our lives.  So why not start now?

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MAIN LOCATION: (507) 532-8210

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