Disc Golf at Garvin Park

Disc Golf is at Garvin Park!

This 9-hole course includes the unique characteristics of Garvin Park as it passes through a mix of oak woods, elevation changes, open spaces, and the ever-present SW MN winds. The Main entrance of Garvin Park is located about 2 miles North of the intersection of US Highway 14 and US Highway 59.


The following table includes distances, and par settings for three levels of play. Note also that elevation change is included for fairways from box to target. The total distance of play is about 3,100 feet, while the total walking distance is about 5,100 feet.  An overview map can be downloaded from the Attachments link below.



 See a full size map.



Hole Feet Elev. Pro Amateur Novice
1 269 -6 3 3 4
walk 411        
2 371 -26 3 4 4
walk 294        
3 280 -43 3 3 4
4 342 49 3 3 4
walk 270        
5 328 -64 3 3 4
6 345 18 3 4 4
walk 343        
7 393 9 4 4 5
walk 981        
8 441 +2 4 4 5
walk 306        
9 338 -5 3 3 4
PLAY LENGTH 3,107   feet 29 31  38


Download this file (DiscGolfScoreCard_FrontAndBack.pdf)Lyon County Disc Golf Scorecard504 kB

Camping, Picnicking & Hiking Fees

Garvin Park features 4 campgrounds with 50 total campsites (most have electricity), and is open from mid-May through mid-October. Payment for camping is on the Honor System. Payment Boxes are located in the park, or you can leave your payment with the campground host when available. 

Maps of the campgrounds, and park are available in the list of attachments below.

  • Lower Campground: 15 sites with electricity
  • Campground Host site is Site #11 (lower camp)
  • Upper Campground: 14 sites with electricity, and 1 non-electric site
  • Horse Camp: 17 sites with electricity. (starting August 2013)
  • Primitive Campground: 8 non-electric tent sites. 

 Camping Rates: 

    $15.00 with electricity
    $10.00 without electricity


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Warming House

Nestled in the woods at the top of the old tubing hill, the Garvin Park Warming House provides a vista view of the park; making this a great location in any season for your gathering; whether that is a family reunion, fun day for the kids, or a corporate retreat in a rustic setting. The Warming House Rental is $50.00, with a damage deposit of $75.00, which is refunded, minus any costs incurred by Lyon County for cleaning and/or damages. All reservations require a 48-hour advance notice, and a rental agreement (attached below) with the deposit, and rental payment collected at the time of making a reservation. 

Please call the parks department to make a reservation.

Garvin Park History

Historic Log Cabin

 Back in the thirties, one of the most popular spots in Lyon County was a 27-acre track of woodland along the Cottonwood River. This park became a reality through the efforts of interested people, the Garvin Community Club, and Mr. H.C. Garvin a retired Winona businessman. In his youth, Mr. Garvin, was a station agent at Tracy for the Chicago Northwestern Railroad. He became the chief contributor of money and equipment for the park.

Download this file (Garvin Park Photos.pdf)Historical Garvin Park Photos639 kB
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Bird Watching

Eastern BluebirdGarvin County Park is the heart of the Cottonwood River in Lyon County. Almost 1000 acres of riparian woodland reside along the growing Cottonwood River - nestled into the remnant prairie landscape. This rich mix of topography offer deep valleys for dense, woodland-loving species like Wild Turkey, Eastern Screech-Owl, Black-belled Cuckoo, and Eastern Towhee.
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Park Rules

A. Statement of Policy and Purposes

1. Lyon County has provided for the creation and establishment of Garvin Park for the purpose of conserving open space for recreation, scenery, wildlife, natural and historic objects therein.

2. The purpose of these rules is to provide for the enjoyment of Garvin Park.

Read more: Park Rules

Inner Tubing Hill Is Closed

The Inner Tubing Hill has been closed for several years.  Tubing equipment is no longer available.  The tubing hill is not staffed by county personnel.  Lyon County is not responsible for injuries or accidents.  Tubing and sledding is done at your own risk.  Snowmobiles are not allowed on the hill.  See posted signs.

Hours and Locations

Lyon County Government Center

8:00-4:30 M-F   Map

Public Works Building

8:00-4:30 M-F   Map

Law Enforcement Center

8:00-4:00 M-F   Map

Lyon County Zoning/SWCD

8:00-4:30 M-F   Map

Lyon County Landfill

6:00-4:00 M-F   Map



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