Needs Assessment

The Lyon County Parks Department is assessing current and future needs while establishing AIS specific program development and implementation. Understanding the extent of nearby threats and collecting relevant background information is crucial to broadening prevention efforts. This information reveals water access points, property managers, lake characteristics, etc.  Identifying water bodies currently infested with AIS and understanding pathways of introduction enables the increase of awareness and prevention. Installing vehicle counters at various launch sites across the county will benefit our understanding of boat launch activity by hour and day. This will allow the county to measure use at the various water bodies. 



How Action Supports AIS Prevention

Time Frame

Understand pathways of introduction to local waters.

Gaining knowledge of potential pathways will allow preventative measures to take place before any infestations occur


Continue to Monitor

Identify water bodies currently affected or at risk of AIS

Prioritize areas of concern to provide direction and ability to predict future invasions


Continue to Monitor

Install traffic counters at select public accesses.

This action will help the county prioritize resources in the future by quantifying the use of various water accesses.


Purchase additional AIS Removal tools at major boat landings and box for Disposal.

With the tools needed to remove AIS with no supervision, users may feel curious enough to utilize them

Continued Efforts into 2019


Table 1. Summary of Assessments

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