Forfeited Land Available for Sale


The below list of properties were not sold at a public auction and may be purchased by paying the basic sale price, plus the applicable fees and costs, with cash, check or money order at the Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer’s office (2nd floor of Government Center at 607 West Main St in Marshall). The basic sale price cannot be changed until the parcel is reappraised, republished, and again offered at a subsequent public auction.

Township or City/Address Parcel Identification Number Location Basic Sales Price
City of Tracy      
(Bare Lot) 31.100057.1 Morgan St. and 2nd St. $10.00
(Bare Lot) 31.116016.0 Roosevelt St. $500.00
101 State St. (Bare Lot) 31.132028.0 State St. and Center St. $100.00

213 Elm St. (Bare Lot)

31.136005.0   $500.00

  Map link locations are for reference only. For exact property boundaries a survey must be obtained.

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Notice of Abandoned Personal Property


The following Lyon County, Minnesota, tax-forfeited properties have abandoned personal property on them:

 Former Owner

Property Address or Parcel Number

Joan King

161 Lake Ave. N., Balaton, MN

Brian, Todd, Daniel & Austin Wixon

250 Roosevelt St., Florence, MN

Darrell & Amy Rasmussen


Eugene Rasmussen Jr.


Diana Perez Banos

668 3rd St., Tracy, MN

Michael Giese

165 1st St. E, Tracy, MN

Janet Simpson

148 Union St., Tracy, MN

Janet Simpson

161 Morgan St. E., Tracy, MN

Katherine Zvorak

200 Union St., Tracy, MN


To claim any personal property, former owners must call the Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer at (507) 537-6724, extension 1, to make necessary arrangements. Unclaimed property will become property of Lyon County and will be disposed or sold after October 25, 2017.

Notice of Approving for Sale and Classifying of Tax-Forfeited Land

Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that Lyon County Commissioners will meet for the purpose of approving for sale and classifying tax-forfeited lands, at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, in the Commissioner Room on the second floor of the Lyon County Government Center, 607 West Main Street, Marshall, MN 56258.

As described in Minnesota Statute § 282.01, parcels of land becoming the property of the state in trust under law declaring the forfeiture of lands to the state for taxes must be classified by the county board as conservation or non-conservation.

At the meeting, the county board will allow any person or agency possessing pertinent information to make or submit comments and recommendations about the pending classification for the parcels listed below. In addition, representatives of governmental entities in attendance will be allowed to describe plans, ideas, or projects that may involve use or acquisition of the property by that or another governmental entity. After allowing testimony, the board may classify, reclassify or delay taking action on any parcel or parcels.

Read more: Notice of Approving for Sale and Classifying of Tax-Forfeited Land

Hours and Locations

Lyon County Government Center

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Lyon County Zoning/SWCD

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Lyon County Landfill

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