Help Lyon County SCORE with Recycling Reporting

Annually, the Lyon County Environmental Department submits a report to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on the amount of materials recycled in Lyon County. The MPCA calls this SCORE (Select Committee on Recycling & Environment). Lyon County is seeking business assistance to more accurately summarize the extent of recycling in the County. 

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Mattress Recycling

The Lyon County Regional landfill is incorporating space saving measures to extend the usable life of the current landfill; thereby delaying costly phase construction. About 90% of a mattress and bed frame is recyclable, recovering the  material for other uses such as carpet padding, textiles, and pallets. By recycling your mattress and bed frame you are also providing jobs for adults with disabilities through the Advance Opportunities organization. Lyon County is proud to partner with Advance to create jobs, and save valuable air space at the landfill.

Bring your mattress and box frame to the mattress recycling facility (the old hockey arena) by the Public Works building for recycling! There is a $7 charge that goes to facility costs and employee wages. If the mattress is filthy, damaged, or infested, it must go to the landfill for a $25 fee.

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