Contamination Problems

Did you know Recycling can get CONTAMINATED??? 


Recyclers, we need your help…again!  Recently I visited Millennium Recycling, the Materials Recovery Facility, in Sioux Falls where recyclables collected in Lyon County get transported to for sorting.  From there they’re shipped to end markets that use them as feedstock in the manufacture of new products. As I’ve mentioned before, my own little peepers have seen some of the wrong stuff that gets put in recycling carts/containers at drop-off locations and it ain’t pretty. 

But, just in case there was a remote possibility that I forgot, going to the MRF was definitely a visual/aromatic reminder.  Before we proceed though, let me share with you what the gal who gave us the tour mentioned.  She said they get materials from a number of areas and compared to some of those, the loads coming from Lyon County are generally pretty ‘clean’.  That’s a good thing!  Give yourselves a high five!  

⇒However fellow recyclers, as the old saying goes…our work is never done.

     Two cases in point - a couple of months back one of the loads from our county contained quite a few needles/sharps and last week there was some other medical items…bags and tubes…in a batch.  We know that contamination is a big headache for collection providers, and also for the MRF as it can cause lower production rates; damaged equipment and degradation of quality of the acceptable materials. Frustrating as that is, the biggest concern is to the employees of both work environments being exposed to health and safety hazards caused by the unacceptable items. Examples of things that are unacceptable and safety/health hazards are: medical waste of any kind including sharps; any type of gaseous containers, e.g. propane/oxygen/helium canisters; knives (when I was at Millennium our guide showed us a large box they put the knives in that show up in the recycling and there was a sword in there, too); hoses/cords; diapers; etc.

     The last time I wrote about contamination problems I hadn’t yet visited Millennium.  Video clips I had watched showed materials moving by on a conveyer belt past employees who pull unacceptable stuff off before it gets into the automated part of things.  However, there’s lot moving past at a pretty good clip so it’s understandable how wrong stuff can ‘sneak by’ at times.  And, just like when farm equipment such as a combine gets plastic bags wrapped up in the gears it halts the harvest, so goes it at the MRF when things like plastic bags, diapers, wire hangers,  medical waste, etc. get past the workers. And of course there’s that yuck factor if it happens to be say something like a diaper. Along with the pollution problems do not forget to visit the website http://www.cop17-cmp7durban.com and online casino roulette .  Not sure how good I’d be trying to pull it/unwind it from the machine…it’s hard to work while you’re bending over a bucket.  Sorry!  Anyway, thanks again for letting me ‘bend your eyes’ and for your assistance in spreading the word about this important issue!  It’s appreciated! If you have a chance watch a short (34 seconds) clip regarding contamination at www.youtube.com/watch?v=83sYHe3jdGA   It’s part of Rhode Island’s recycling program information.  Good title - Recycle Better to Keep Our Workers Safe – and a good idea!

CLOSED: Notice to Contractors - SAP 42-624-15 and SP 042-070-006 Bidding on July 22, 2014


Sealed Proposals will be received until 9:30 a.m. on July 22, 2014 by E.J. Moberg, Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer, of Lyon County at the County Government Center at 607 West Main, Marshall, MN 56258, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners for the construction of the projects listed below. Proposals will be opened and read publicly in Commissioner Room # 3 of the Lyon County Government Center in Marshall, Minnesota, immediately after the hour set for receiving bids.

Minimum wage rates to be paid by the Contractors have been predetermined and are subject to the Work Hours Act of 1962, P.L. 87-581 and implementing regulations.


The Minnesota Department of Transportation hereby notifies all bidders: in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Act), as amended and Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Subtitle A Part 21, Non-discrimination in Federally-assisted programs of the Department of Transportation, it will affirmatively assure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded maximum opportunity to participate and/or to submit bids in response to this invitation, and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, disability, age, religion, sex or national origin in consideration for an award;

in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended, and Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 230 Subpart A-Equal Employment Opportunity on Federal and Federal-Aid Construction Contracts (including supportive services), it will affirmatively assure increased participation of minority groups and disadvantaged persons and women in all phases of the highway construction industry, and that on any project constructed pursuant to this advertisement equal employment opportunity will be provided to all persons without regard to their race, color, disability, age, religion, sex or national origin;

in accordance with the Minnesota Human Rights Act, Minnesota Statute 363A.08 Unfair Discriminatory Practices, it will affirmatively assure that on any project constructed pursuant to this advertisement equal employment opportunity will be offered to all persons without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, membership or activity in a local commission , disability, sexual orientation, or age;

in accordance with the Minnesota Human Rights Act, Minnesota Statute 363A.36 Certificates of Compliance for Public Contracts, and 363A.37 Rules for Certificates of Compliance, it will assure that appropriate parties to any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement possess valid Certificates of Compliance.

If you are not a current holder of a compliance certificate issued by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and intend to bid on any job in this advertisement you must contact the Department of Human Rights immediately for assistance in obtaining a certificate.

The following notice from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights applies to all contractors:

“It is hereby agreed between the parties that Minnesota Statute, section 363A.36 and Minnesota Rules, parts 5000.3400 to 5000.3600 are incorporated into any contract between these parties based on this specification or any modification of it. A copy of Minnesota Statute 363A.36 and Minnesota Rules, parts 5000.3400 to 5000.3600 is available upon request from the contracting agency.”

“It is hereby agreed between the parties that this agency will require affirmative action requirements be met by contractors in relation to Minnesota Statute 363A.36 and Minnesota Rules 5000.3600. Failure by a contractor to implement an affirmative action plan or make a good faith effort shall result in revocation of its certificate or revocation of the contract (Minnesota Statute 363A.36, Subd. 2 and 3).”

A minimum goal of 3.0% Good Faith Effort to be subcontracted to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.

SAP 042-624-015 and SP 042-070-006
Bituminous Paving, Paved Shoulders, Rumble Strips and Pavement Marking
Comprising Approximately
Shoulder Base Aggregate Class 5 Mod 4,500.0 tons
Milled Rumble Strips – Intermittent 80,700.0 L.F.
Type SP 12.5 Wearing Course Mix (3,C) 16,500.0 tons
Type SP 12.5 Non-Wearing Course Mix (3,B) 2,500.0 tons
Pavement Marking – Epoxy (WR) 113,200.0 L.F.

Specifications may be examined at the office of the Public Works Director, 504 Fairgrounds Road, Marshall, MN. Plans and Specifications may be downloaded from the Lyon County website, www.lyonco.org, (see further details on website) or by calling the Lyon County Highway Department at 507-532-8205 to request a paper copy for a charge of $60.00 (includes shipping and tax). All Proposals must be on forms furnished by the Public Works Director. Sealed Bids should be mailed to E.J. Moberg, Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer, 607 West Main Street, Marshall, MN 56258 and must be clearly marked as a sealed bid for SP 042-624-015 and SP 042-070-006. Each Proposal must be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond, payable to the Treasurer of Lyon County, for at least 5% of the amount of the Bid. The County reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Lyon County Facilities Maintenance



County Facilities Manager: Keith Lindeman
Phone: (507) 829-3327
Address: Maintenance Supervisor
Lyon County Courthouse
607 West Main Street
Marshall, MN 56258
  • Responsible for facilities maintenance of all Lyon County buildings and grounds
  • Takes care of Lyon County's in-house recycling for all buildings

Goverment Center

Notice to Contractors - CP 17:HS. Bidding on August 18, 2017

NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Quotes will be received until 3:00 p.m. on August 18, 2017, by Aaron VanMoer, Lyon County Engineer at the Lyon County Public Works Building located at 504 Fairgrounds Road in Marshall, MN for the following: CP 17:HS
Highway Striping - Latex
Approximate quantities
2582.502      6” Solid Line Paint        561,617.00 L.F.
2582.502    4” Solid Line Paint        243,132.00 L.F. The 2016 Edition of the Minnesota Department of Transportation “Standard Specification for Construction” shall govern. Start Date:        Sept. 1, 2017
Completion Date:    Sept. 29, 2017 Specifications may be examined at the office of the Public Works Director, 504 Fairgrounds Road, Marshall, MN.  Specifications may be downloaded from the Lyon County website, www.lyonco.org, (see further details on website) or by calling the Lyon County Highway Department at 507-532-8205 to request a paper copy.  There will be no charge for the Specifications.  All Proposals must be on forms furnished by the County Engineer.  Each Proposal must be accompanied by a certified check, or bid bond, payable to the Treasurer of Lyon County, for at least 5% of the amount of the Proposal.  Quotes should be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope, including project number and time of opening.  All quotes should be addressed as follows:  Lyon County Highway Department, 504 Fairgrounds Road, Marshall, MN  56258.  The County reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Aaron VanMoer, P.E.
County Engineer
Lyon County, MN
Please post:    August 9, 2017 thru August 18, 2017

Towards Zero Deaths

What is TZD?

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office along with several other law enforcement agencies in the state participates in MN Toward Zero Deaths Campaign which is based on the belief that even one traffic-related death on our roads is unacceptable. This “zero deaths” idea was first adopted in Sweden in 1997 as "Vision Zero" and since then has evolved to several state DOTs, including Minnesota, that have identified zero deaths as a core objective in their Strategic Highway Safety Plans.

TZD uses a data-driven, interdisciplinary approach that targets areas for improvement and employs proven countermeasures, integrating application of education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency medical and trauma services (the “4Es”). A combination of strategies from different focus areas is often most effective for solving a particular problem.

For more information please visit the MN state website for MN Towards Zero Deaths.

 Alcohol Compliance Checks:
 Every year the Lyon County Sheriff's Office conducts random Alcohol Compliance Checks on establishments that serve alcohol throughout Lyon County.  Our goals is to have all establishments checked successfully pass these compliance checks. 
 What is an Alcohol Compliance Check?
  • An alcohol compliance check is a tool used to identify alcohol establishments that sell alcohol to underage youth. The practice of conducting compliance checks can be:
    • Mandated by a local ordinance that outlines standards for conducting the checks people or agencies responsible for conducting the compliance checks, and penalties for establishments, servers and sellers who illegally sell or serve alcohol to underage youth.
Voluntarily implemented by Law Enforcement or licensing authorities.
  •  Compliance checks can be used for two purposes:
    • To enforce state criminal statutes, local administrative ordinances, or both.
    • Enforcement:
    • Educational:
To identify, warn, and educate alcohol establishments that serve or sell alcohol to underage youth.
  • Generally, compliance checks are implemented by the following procedures:
    • Alcohol licensees are informed that compliance checks will occur at various times throughout the year and about potential penalties for selling alcohol to underage youth.
    • While an enforcement agent (police officer or other authorized person) waits outside the premises, a person under age 21 attempts to purchase or order an alcoholic beverage.
    • If the alcohol establishment sells alcohol to the young person, the enforcement agent issues a citation either to the seller/server or to the establishment: the law enforcement officer may charge the server or seller who sold the alcohol (when compliance checks are used to enforce state laws governing servers and sellers).
The officer may issue an administrative citation, which is imposed upon the alcohol license holder rather than the individual server or seller (when compliance checks are used to enforce local administrative ordinances). Because administrative charges are easier, faster, and less expensive to prosecute, they can be the best option-and in some communities the only option-for penalizing alcohol establishments.

What Happens to Recyclables?

Ever wonder what happens to your old soda cans, glass bottles, and cereal boxes you throw in the recycling bin?  Keep reading to find out!

  • Plastics
    • When sorted correctly, plastic is an extremely valuable recycled commodity.  Upon arrival at the MRF, plastics are sorted and cleaned of impurities, such as caps and labels.  Next the plastic is melted down into pellets and then sold to manufacturers.  Recycled plastics can be made into bottles, food containers, carpeting, upholstery, fleece jackets, and even benches and patio furniture!
  • Paper and Cardboard
    • Once sorted at the MRF, paper and cardboard is sold to a paper mill, where it is shredded, treated, pressed, rolled, and dried.  Each time paper is recycled, the fiber shortens, lessening the quality of the final product.  The EPA estimates that a piece of paper can be recycled five to seven times before the fibers become too short to be recycled.  It is particularly important to recycle corrugated cardboard because the fibers are long and strong, giving the material a long future of being recycled.  Recycled paper material with long fibers is often made into office paper or cardboard, while material with short fiber is made into tissues, toilet paper, and egg cartons.
  • Aluminum
    • Aluminum is 100% recyclable and the material does not degrade during the recycling process - making aluminum the most valuable material in your recycling bin.  In fact, it only takes 60 days for aluminum to be recycled and returned to the store to be used again!  At the MRF, the material is cleaned, melted, and sent to a mill to be made into new products.  The process is particularly economically viable as recycling one aluminum can saves 95% of the energy it would take to form an aluminum can from virgin material.  Most recycled aluminum is used for new soda cans, but it is also used for bicycles and car parts!      
  • Glass
    • Once sorted at the MRF, glass is cleaned and broken into fine pieces, called cullet.  Cullet saves energy and extends equipment life because it is less expensive than virgin materials and melts at a lower temperature.  Glass food and beverage containers are 100% recyclable and do not lose quality in the process.  The recycled material is made into new glass containers, fiberglass, and ceramic tiles!

The most important thing to remember is that the success of the recycling process fully depends on the community's knowledge of recyclable materials and your dedication to minimize the amount of contamination in the recycling bin!

Download this file (recycling matters.jpg)Recycling Matters100 kB

Request A Residence Check

 Lyon County Sheriff's Office Request for a Residence Check


The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to offer you the ability to submit a request for a Residence Check for your home.  Completion of the Lyon County residence check form will allow our deputies to check your home while you are away on vacation or other absences.  This service can also be used for residents residing in any of the cities within Lyon County.  City residents should check with their local police departments to see if their department provides residence checks.  You may access our residence check form by downloading the word doc. or pdf. file listed below.  Please complete the form entirely, and do one of the following.


Auditor/Treasurer: E. J. Moberg
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (507) 537-6724
Fax: (507) 537-6091
Address: Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer
607 West Main Street
Marshall, MN 56258
  Auditor Services
    • Financial - Payroll
    • Current Tax Calculation
    • Settlements to School Districts, Cities and Special Districts
    • Voter Registration and Voter Tally
    • Transfer of Deeds
    • Special Assessments - Ditch and Cities
    • Transent Merchant License - application
    • Tobacco License
    • Driver's Licenses
      - Written and Driving Exams are given at the office located at 601 N. Highway 59 Telephone 537-7024 for hours and additional information.
      - For vehicle registration, tabs, automobile licensing, etc you must go to the Auto Licensing Bureau at 302 W Redwood St (507) 532-4643.
Treasurer Services
  • Current and Delinquent Real Estate Records
  • Print and mail tax statements
  • Property tax collections and payment entry
  • Compute and prove tax settlements
  • Escrow records
  • Distribute taxes to taxing entities
  • Investment Officer for county investments
  • Mortgage Registry Collections
  • Deed Tax computations and collections
  • Financial Records - banking and reconciliation of accounts
  • 1990 and 2000 Lyon County Census information
  • Maintain records of Auctioneer Certificates
District 1
Charlie Sanow
 District 2
Steve Ritter
District 3
Mark Goodenow
District 4
Rodney Stensrud
 District 5
Rick Anderson
Charlie Sanow Steve Ritter Mark Goodenow Rodney Stensrud Rick Anderson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The county board normally meets at 9am on the first and third Tuesdays of the month in CR 1 & 2


County Board Room


Human Resources


Human Resources administers the personnel policies and procedures adopted by the Lyon County Board as well as classification and compensation plans, performance planning and review programs, and maintaining personnel records for each employee. Human Resources coordinates the recruitment, selection, orientation, development, transfer, and separation of employees. Affirmative action, Civil Rights compliance, Minnesota and Federal Family and Medical Leave Act, short-term disability, HIPAA regulations compliance, and ADA compliance are also major functions of the office.  The office coordinates and administers employee benefit programs for all departments, and works closely with Lyon County Administration and the County Board. 

The County Recorder is the custodian of the land records and vital statistic records pertaining to Lyon County. It is the responsibility of this office to preserve these records in an archival quality format and assure easy and accurate access to the same. Duties are defined as:

  • Record documents relating to real property transactions in Abstract
     & Torrens Divisions
  • Collect & receipt Recording Fee and Well Disclosure Certificate Fee
  • Collect & distribute Well Disclosure Certificates
  • Maintain indexes and issue copies of all recorded documents
  • Maintain and issue copies of birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Process Marriage License Applications & issue marriages license
  • File and maintain Ordinations
  • File Notary Commissions
  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Military Discharges
  • Genealogy research
  • UCC filing and searches
    (Uniform Commercial Code)
  • CNS filing and searches
    (Central Notification System)
  • Federal and State Tax Liens
  • Hospital and Medical Assistance Liens


Sheriff Mark Mather



Sheriff Mark Mather


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Support Administration


Sergeant Todd Roelfsema #103


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sergeant Eric Wallen #111


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Law Enforcement Center Click Map for Directions


Lyon County Sheriff’s Office has launched a new Community Information Service designed to deliver important and timely information to residents in our area using the latest technology. This service, “Nixle”, delivers trustworthy and important neighborhood-level public safety and community event notifications instantly sent to you by cell phone text message, email and web. There is NO Spam or Advertising. Nixle is completely free (standard text message rates apply for cell phone subscribers who do not have text plans with their cell phone providers). Register now and learn more at www.nixle.com. You will have immediate access to public safety alerts that are relevant to you, important neighborhood advisories you want to know about, and other valuable community information. You decide what information you want and whether you want it sent to your cell phone, email or just simply over the web. We are excited about this opportunity and hope you find it beneficial to you!

Register at: http://local.nixle.com/lyon-county-sheriffs-office/

The Lyon County Public Works Building is located on the County Fairgrounds at 504 Fairgrounds Road Marshall, MN 56258. Click HERE for a map link

 Locator Map


Lyon County Public Works includes the following Departments:

Highway (Road and Bridge): County road and bridge maintenance, road signage, flood control structure maintenance, and snow removal from county roads.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Maintains the County E-911 system, and provide mapping services.

Planning & Zoning: Also includes county programs for feedlots, shoreland management, septic systems, ditches, and invasive weed inspections.

Environmental: Manages the regional landfill, household hazardous waste program, and coordinates recycling, water management planning, and solid waste reduction efforts.

Parks: Manages the County Park system, and County Fairgrounds

GIS Cataegory



Lyon County operates a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide current and accurate geospatial (map) information to County departments, the general public and other entities. We seek to ensure that Lyon County residents and decision makers have access to geographic information that is complete, timely, accurate, and reliable. We promote the use of GIS and related technologies to more effectively and efficiently address problems, develop plans, and manage the natural, cultural, economic, and infrastructure resources of the county. Lyon County is implementing GIS to streamline county operations and to make County data and records available to the citizens of Lyon County. GIS Department Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and create geospatial information
  • Maintain Lyon County Parcel data
  • Rural Address assignment and E9-1-1 System maintenance
  • Maintain GIS Interactive Mapping Sites
  • Hard Copy map production
  • Platbook creation and maintenance

Hours and Locations

Lyon County Government Center

8:00-4:30 M-F   Map

Public Works Building

8:00-4:30 M-F   Map

Law Enforcement Center

8:00-4:00 M-F   Map

Lyon County Zoning/SWCD

8:00-4:30 M-F   Map

Lyon County Landfill

6:00-4:00 M-F   Map


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