Help Lyon County SCORE with Recycling Reporting


Annually, the Lyon County Environmental Department submits a report to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) on the amount of materials recycled in Lyon County. The MPCA calls this SCORE (Select Committee on Recycling & Environment). Lyon County is seeking business assistance to more accurately summarize the extent of recycling in the County. 

Recycling is a high priority for the Minnesota Legislature, and a high priority for Lyon County. Our department seeks to most accurately present data to the MPCA and legislature by reporting all the recycling activities that happen in Lyon County.

If your business recycles materials directly (i.e. NOT through contracted hauling / recycling service) please consider reporting that data to the Environmental Department. Recycled materials include wood waste, plastic, glass, clothing / textiles, paper, cardboard, and metal.  

Please contact Sharon Root at the Lyon County Environmental Department to report recycling data. 

Thank you for recycling!

Sharon Root | Lyon County Recycling Educator| (507) 532-8210