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County Parks (507) 532-8214
Brooke Kor (507) 829-3927
Spencer Kor (507) 532-1308
Stephanie Bethke-DeJaeghere
(507) 532-1307
Darron Grahn (507) 532-8211
Roger Schroeder - (507) 532-1306
Phone:  (507) 865-4615

Gene Rasmussen - Supervisor
Abby Sullivan-Appel - Accounting


99 Bottles of Water on the Wall

In 1996, if someone had made the statement that Americans would buy 8.3 million gallons of bottled water in 2006, we would have said they were 'off their rocker'. But guess what...Americans did buy 8.3 million gallons of bottled water in 2006. (BMC, 2007). Read on for more eye-opening info:

*About 25-40% of bottled water is actually bottled tap water - sometimes with additional treatment, sometimes not (NRDC, 1999). *More than 50% of Americans drink bottled water; a third drink it regularly (Howard, 2003). *Bottled water costs between 240-10,000 times more than tap water (CRI, 2007). *In 2005, 96% of bottled water sold in the U.S. was packaged in PET containers, the majority in single-serving sizes of one liter or less (CRI, 2007). *Producing PET bottles uses more than 17 million barrels of oil and produces over 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide each year (Pl, n.d.). *For each gallon of water that goes into a PET bottle, two gallons of water are used to make the plastic bottles and in the purification process (Weaver, 2007; UCS, 2007). *462 million gallons of oil are needed each year to transport water bottles from the factory to the point of sale (SLC, 2007). *Only about 10% of plastic water bottles are recycled (UCS, 2007). Just thinking of all the oil and water - two natural resources that are 'in jeopardy' so to speak - used in the whole process, the pollution caused by the manufacture and transporting of said bottles plus the fact that only about 10% of the bottles are being recycled, should make us give serious thought to reducing our bottled water intake, right? Right!! Now, go enjoy a refreshing drink of water... from your tap !

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