Sheriff Mark Mather

Sheriff Mark Mather

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Sergeant Todd Roelfsema #103

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EFFECTIVE 07/03/2018

Until further notice, there will be a NO WAKE ZONE Order Enforced on Lyon County Lakes that are posted with No Wake Zone sign until the lake water recedes to normal levels. Anyone found in violation of this order is subject to criminal penalties and or civil liability for damage to any property.   


General Information

Lyon County is located in Southwest Minnesota approximately 60 miles North of the Iowa border and 60 miles East of the South Dakota border. It’s home to primarily agricultural land and to a variety of industries. The Sheriff’s deputies patrol approximately 721 square miles, and contract police services to the cities of Cottonwood, Balaton, Lynd, Russell, and Ghent. Lyon County Sheriff Deputies are affiliated with the Brown, Lyon, and Redwood Drug Task Force as ERU and Liaison members. Onsite, with the LEC, the Lyon County Sheriff also houses the Correctional Detention Facility, Emergency Management, and is responsible for courthouse safety and security.
Law Enforcement Center Main Entrance
Interesting Fact: Lyon County was established by two legislative acts on March 6, 1868, and March 2, 1869. It’s named after General Nathaniel Lyon, who was killed in the Civil War.


Data Requests

Data Requests

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office receives requests for the release of records, reports, or other information on a regular basis.  There are certain records that can and cannot be released depending upon what information is sought, as well as where a case file is in its progression.   

If you are seeking records or a report for a particular case file.  Please contact our Records Division and they will be able to assist you in obtaining information that you seek granted that it is information that can be released under the Minnesota Data Practices Act.
Listed below is the Lyon County Sheriff's Office Policy on Records Release and Security, as well as a quick reference guide for what information is to remain Private and Confidential (Non-Public Data).  The Lyon County Sheriff's Office encourages the public seeking records or data requests to review this information.  It should help answer your questions as to if the information you seek is obtainable to you. Records release and data requests for information should be made during normal business hours.  

Contacts and Designee's for the requests of data held by the Lyon County Sheriff's Office are as follows:

  • Lyon County Sheriff's Office Data and Records Responsible Authority:
  • Sheriff Mark M. Mather: 611 West Main Street. PO Box #28 Marshall, MN  56258 Telephone: (507) 537-7666 Fax: (507) 537-7428, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Lyon County Sheriff's Office Data Practices Compliance Official and Data and Records Practices Designee:
  • Sgt. Todd Roelfsema: 611 West Main Street. PO Box #28 Marshall, MN  56258 Telephone: (507) 537-7666 Fax: (507) 537-7428, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Lyon County Sheriff's Office Data and Records Practices Designee:
  • Tammy Isaackson Lyon County Sheriff's Office Records: 611 West Main Street. PO Box #28 Marshall, MN  56258 Telephone: (507) 537-7666 Fax: (507) 537-7428, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Local Police Departments:
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Local Case Records Search 

MN Trial Court Public Access

Case Law - Federal

US Supreme Court - Search Excellent case briefs search tool for US Supreme Court cases. Includes text/audio of the rulings. 
US Supreme Court Rulings By Topic An list of US Supreme Court cases by topic. 

Case Law - Minnesota

MN Appellate Court Rulings A list of all MN Court of Appeals rulings. Hosted by the MN Law Library. 
MN State Law Library A search tool for researching case law. 
Legal Procedures
MN House & Senate Bills Current bills being reviewed by the MN House and Senate. 
Statutory Laws
Minnesota Statutes Search the MN statutes by keyword and/or index. 
United States Code Search the US Code by keyword. Available from Cornell Univerisity. 
All County/City Ordinances A list of links to MN county and city ordinances. 
Code of Federal Regulations Search the federal CFR laws. 
CriMNet Statute Search Search the MN statutes. Similar to what you can do on this website, but not as fast. 
Landlord/Tenant Laws A summarized list of laws that relate to landlord and tenants rights in MN. 
Missing People in Minnesota
Missing Kids A detailed list of children missing from MN. Includes photos. Database is from the National Missing and Exploited Children. 


Request A Residence Check

 Lyon County Sheriff's Office Request for a Residence Check


The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to offer you the ability to submit a request for a Residence Check for your home.  Completion of the Lyon County residence check form will allow our deputies to check your home while you are away on vacation or other absences.  This service can also be used for residents residing in any of the cities within Lyon County.  City residents should check with their local police departments to see if their department provides residence checks.  You may access our residence check form by downloading the word doc. or pdf. file listed below.  Please complete the form entirely, and do one of the following.

Sheriff History


 Past Lyon County Sheriff's 



Dates Served

James Cummins


Solomon Webster


John Hunter


 J.  F.  Remore


 Andrew Christiansen


 Mike Grannan


 John Monroe


 Mrs. John (Sadie) Monroe


 Andrew Christiansen


 George Rankin


 Harry B. Croft


 Mrs. Harry B. (Viola) Croft


 Roland (Doc) Rans


 John T. Tomasek


 Leon VanDenBroeke


 Donald K. Stokke


 Joel C. Dahl

2003- 2008

 Mark M. Mather

2008- Present

Civil Process

This web site is a brief guide to Civil Process for the citizens of Lyon County. We have provided information which answers the most common questions received by our staff. The information presented is not comprehensive. It does not provide legal advice, nor does it attempt to suggest a course of action if there are legal issues to be resolved. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney. Our office is not permitted to provide legal advice nor can we recommend any specific attorney. In most cases, reference is made to applicable Minnesota Statutes. Minnesota Statutes are available on-line through the State of Minnesota web site, http://mncourts.gov/ We hope this web site will be beneficial. Should you have any questions, please contact the Lyon County Sheriff's Office-Civil Process.

Minnesota Court Legal Forms:

Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure:





611 West Main Street

PO Box 28

Marshall, MN 56258


507-929-6620 CIVIL

507-537-7666 DISPATCH

507-537-7428 FAX



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8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Excluding Holidays


Civil Process Fees- effective January 1st, 2018

The Sheriff’s Office requires a deposit of $70.00 for the service fees.

Service Fee- flat fee (no mileage)  $70.00
Mortgage Foreclosure, Judicial Foreclosure, and all other Sales   $75.00
Notary Fee For Out of State Process  $5.00 
Additional Civil Process Fees can be found on the attachment below.   


Victim Rights

What to do if you have been a victim of a crime: 

If you have been a victim of a crime or witnessed a crime in progress, call 911.
If you have been a victim of a crime that does not require an emergency response, or if you desire to file a report of a crime call the Lyon County Sheriff's Office at (507) 537-7666 - 24 hours a day.
Crime Victims Rights:
As a crime victim, you are afforded rights under MN Statute 611A.015
  1. You have the right to apply for financial help for losses resulting from a violent crime. This assistance does not cover property losses. For application and information call 612-282-6256 or outside the Twin City area call 1-800-247-0390 or TDD 1-612-282-6555.
  2. Under certain circumstances you have the right to request that the Lyon County Sheriff's Office withhold public access to data revealing your identity. MN Statute: 13.82 Subd. 17.
  3. You have the right, if an offender is charged, to be informed of and participate in the prosecution process, including the right to request restitution (money court ordered from the offender and paid to the victim). 
  4. If you feel your rights as a victim have been violated, you can contact the MN Crime Victims Ombudsman's Office at 1-612-282-6258 or 1-800-247-0390 or TDD 1-612-282-6555. 
Domestic Assault Victim Rights:
You can ask the county or city attorney to file a criminal complaint. You also have the right to go to court and file a petition requesting an Order for Protection from domestic abuse. The order may include the following:  
  • An order restraining the abuser from further acts of abuse.
  • An order directing the abuser to leave your household.
  • An order preventing the abuser from entering your home (or reasonable area around your home), school, business, or place of employment.
  • An order awarding you or the other parent custody of / or visitation of your minor children.
  • An order directing the abuser to pay support to you and the minor if the abuser has a court order indicating such.  
You also have the right to notification if prosecution of the case is declined or criminal charges are dismissed.    
You may call "Women's Rural Advocacy Programs (WRAP)" CRISIS LINE: (507) 532-2350 or 1-800-639-2350 for assistance in getting your Order for Protection. 
Local Advocacy Programs:
New Horizons Crisis Center:
The mission of New Horizons Crisis Center includes but is not limited to, providing services and support for crime victims, advocacy for families, and educational programs in Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, and Redwood Counties.
Women's Rural Advocacy Programs (WRAP):
Is a cooperative of Domestic Violence Community Advocacy programs serving southwestern Minnesota.  One of the services they offer to battered women is providing information - about their situation, their options, and their rights.
Safe At Home Address Confidentiality Program:
Safe at Home is a program offered by the Secretary of State’s office in collaboration with local victim service providers. This program became effective September 1, 2007 and is designed to help survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or others who fear for their safety establish a confidential address.
The intent of Safe at Home is to allow its participants to go about their lives, interacting with public and private entities, without leaving traces of where they really live in an attempt to keep their abuser from locating them.  Safe at Home provides a mail forwarding service. Participants use an address that Safe at Home assigns them and their correspondence is forwarded to their actual mailing address, which is not disclosed. Safe at Home also accepts service of process on the participant’s behalf.


Download this file (Safe At Home Brochure.pdf)Safe At Home Brochure1033 kB
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