The Lyon County Assessor's Office is responsible for establishing the market value and determining classification of property for tax purposes as of January 2 of each year. Minnesota Statutes require the assessor to inspect properties at least once in a five year interval.

To ensure uniformity and accuracy, a physical (on-site and in-person) inspection is necessary to obtain initial property characteristic data. The primary objective of the quintile review process is to maintain and improve data quality, integrity, or consistency.

Valuation Notices are mailed each spring advising property owners of the current property value and classification of each parcel. Local, County and State Boards of Equalization are held each year to provide a fair and objective forum for property owners to appeal their valuation or classification. 

The Assessor's Office is responsible for programs such as Green Acres, Blind/Disabled, local option disaster abatement, and most frequently addressed is homestead.

Duties include property tax splits, property ownership splits and combinations, processing of all Certificates of Real Estate Values and more.

Assessor FAQs

  • What does the Assessing Department do?

  • What is "Estimated Market Value"?

  • What is "Classification"?

  • What is a "Homestead" and why does it matter?

  • How does the Assessor determine the estimated market value of my property?

  • How can my estimated market value change when I haven't done anything to my property?

  • Does the estimated market value increase at the same rate on all properties?

  • How will my taxes change as a result of a change to the estimated market value?

  • If property values are increasing, does this mean more tax dollars for the City, the County and the School?

  • What authority does the Assessor have to view my property and what happens if I refuse to let the Assessor view the interior of my home?

  • How does the Assessor notify me of my property's estimated market value and classification?

  • What if I don't agree with my estimated market value or classification?

  • What if, after this informal talk with the Assessor, I still disagree with the estimated market value or classification?

  • What evidence do I need to present to the Board of Appeal and Equalization?

  • Is there any assistance I may be eligible for in paying my property taxes?