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Homestead Classification

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All Homestead Applications are due to the Assessor's Office by December 15. 

Applying for Homestead

Minnesota Statute 273.124 and Minnesota Statute 273.13 provides a reduction to the market value, also known as the market value exclusion, to a qualifying relative or owner of a residential or agricultural property . 

To Qualify for a homestead classification, you must:

  1. Occupy the property as your primary residence;
  2. be one of the owners of the property or a qualifying relative of one of the owners;
  3. be a Minnesota resident; and
  4. Make a homestead application to the County Assessor

You do not need to apply for homestead each year, but once you have been granted homestead status, you must notify the Assessor's Office within 30 days if you sell or move out of the property. The Assessor may require additional information or a new application if they receive information that circumstances affecting your eligibility for the homestead classification have changed. It is important to be aware that falsely claiming homestead is subject to penalties under law (M.S. 273.124, Subd 13)

Agricultural Homestead Classification:

  1. A minimum of 10 contiguous, productive acres must be used to produce agricultural products in the preceding year
  2. The agricultural products are defined by statute (Minnesota Statute 273.13, subd. 23)
  3. The agricultural product must be produced for sale.

Ag Use Verification Form

In order to aid your assessor, the Agricultural Use Verification form is used to help classify your property in accordance with Minnesota state law.

Special Agricultural Classification

Minnesota Statute allows some agricultural land to retain their homestead, even though they do not occupy the property anymore.

Special agricultural homestead

Special ag homestead held under a trust

Special ag homestead owned or leased by a qualified entity


Blind/Disabled Classification

 Homestead Application for Blind-Disabled


  • Certified legally blind
  • Totally and permanently disabled

Blind - Complete the application completely and attach a copy of a signed and approved letter or report from your eye doctor stating that you are legally blind. 

Disabled - Complete the application completely and attach a letter from a qualified agency certifying that you are totally and permanently disabled and receive disability payments. 

Fact Sheet: Blind-Disabled Factsheet


Veteran's Disability Exclusion

Veteran's with service related disability of 70% or more, may be eligible for a market value exclusion on homestead property.


  • Must be able to verify honorable discharge by U.S. Government Form DD214 or other official military discharge papers;
  • Must be certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as having service-connected disability. 

Please contact the County Assessor's Office or your County Veteran's Service Officer for more information.

Fact Sheet: Disabled Vet Factsheet

Applications:  Disabled Vets 70 percent application

             Disabled vets 100 percent application