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The Lyon County offices will be opening on May 21st, 2020 however due to the continued health concerns raised by the COVID-19 virus the Lyon County Government Center and Public Works building will be conducting business by appointment only.


We ask that you wear a face mask when doing business in the Lyon County offices. To schedule an appointment online Click Here. Please call the department if you have any questions. The Booking application works best in: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari web browsers.

Demolishing a Structure?

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What you need to know

Don't Burn

Today’s garbage includes packaging materials that release carcinogens and other toxins when burned. Several pollutants persist in the environment and accumulate in the food chain. Human exposure happens through inhaling polluted air and eating contaminated food. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency offers these tips to keep in compliance with state rules on solid waste:

  • Don’t burn solid waste.
  • Don’t burn any buildings.
  • Don’t demolish buildings until you have followed the proper procedures.
  • Don’t bury anything unless you have a permit.

Building Demolition:

  • You must remove certain materials, such as devices containing mercury, from a structure before demolition.
  • You will likely need a licensed inspection for asbestos, a potentially harmful substance, before demolition.
  • Any waste generated, such as concrete and wood, must go to a specially permitted facility for disposal.

Minnesota law does allow a farm exemption to bury certain materials in certain areas. However, it’s best to seek local and state permits before burying anything on your property because the farm exemption does not cover everything. For example, you cannot bury appliances, or demolition debris.

The following documents are from the MPCA. They are offered for educational purposes. To follow the proper procedure in disposing of demolition waste please contact your local solid waste officer, or the MPCA.