NOTICE - Updated 5/19/2020


The Lyon County offices will be opening on May 21st, 2020 however due to the continued health concerns raised by the COVID-19 virus the Lyon County Government Center and Public Works building will be conducting business by appointment only.


We ask that you wear a face mask when doing business in the Lyon County offices. To schedule an appointment online Click Here. Please call the department if you have any questions. The Booking application works best in: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari web browsers.

Dispatch Center

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The Lyon County 911 Emergency Dispatch/Communications Center is comprised often dedicated dispatchers who work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, on a variety of shifts. The dispatchers are responsible for answering all emergency and non-emergency calls for service and gathering the necessary information needed to determine the proper response. The dispatchers then facilitate contact with police, fire and ambulance services in Lyon County, along with fire and ambulance services for portions of surrounding counties. The dispatchers are also responsible for the exterior doors to the Lyon County Jail, the camera system in the Lyon County Government Center and the Lyon County Jail.

When should I call 911?

  • Call 911 anytime you have an emergency.

How does 911 work?

  • When calling 911 from your home phone the address for the phone line, the phone number you are calling from, and the name of the telephone account holder will appear for the dispatchers to see. The location of the address you are calling from will also be displayed on a map. Along with this information the 911 system will alert the dispatcher of which emergency service agencies cover your location.
  • If you call 911 from a cell phone; your phone number, cell phone provider, and most often the GPS coordinates of your location will be displayed. Your location according to the provided GPS coordinates will also be displayed on a map. The GPS location will be within 14 to 20 meters of your actual location. Like a land-line, the 911 system will also provide the dispatcher with what emergency service agencies cover your location.
  • If you call 911 and either hang up or the line becomes disconnected the dispatcher will make a return phone call to you to verify that everything is ok. Depending on the situation the dispatcher may have an officer also respond to your location as well.
  • When calling 911 the dispatcher will ask you several questions to verify your location, the location of the emergency, and the nature of the emergency. The first question the dispatcher will likely ask you is; What is the address or location of your emergency? This is done to ensure we have the proper location of the emergency in case contact is lost with the caller. Once the dispatcher has obtained the preliminary information he or she will dispatch the appropriate emergency services. You will not be able to hear the dispatcher doing this. Once emergency services have been dispatched the dispatcher will obtain more detailed information from you, therefore it is important to stay on the line until the dispatcher states that it is ok to hang up.

Next Generation 911 (NG911)

  • Like with everything else technology is allowing advancements in how 911 and other emergency services are accessed and provided.
    NG911, when operational, will allow callers to contact 911 via text message, and send video files or digital photographs of incidents as they are occurring. Lyon County is currently in the process of having equipment installed to allow for this technology.
  • Please stay tuned for further information on when this service will become available.

Your Lyon County Dispatchers are:

  • Mary Gislasondispatch
  • Christian Olzlog
  • Joe Jensen
  • Terri Lovre
  • Lori DeBates
  • Jamie Senst
  • Amy Ross
  • Tony Gielczyk
  • Alyson Bossuyt
  • Sherri Schwisow
  • Tammy Isaackson

Part Time Dispatchers

  • Mary Wikstrom
  • Robin Scharfe

Pictured above is one of three dispatch stations that the Lyon County Sheriff's Office takes calls for service from.