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The Lyon County offices will be opening on May 21st, 2020 however due to the continued health concerns raised by the COVID-19 virus the Lyon County Government Center and Public Works building will be conducting business by appointment only.


We ask that you wear a face mask when doing business in the Lyon County offices. To schedule an appointment online Click Here. Please call the department if you have any questions. The Booking application works best in: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari web browsers.

Towards Zero Deaths

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The Lyon County Sheriff's Office along with several other law enforcement agencies in the state participates inMN Toward Zero Deaths Campaign which is based on the belief that even one traffic-related death on our roads is unacceptable. This “zero deaths” idea was first adopted in Sweden in 1997 as "Vision Zero" and since then has evolved to several state DOTs, including Minnesota, that have identified zero deaths as a core objective in their Strategic Highway Safety Plans.

TZD uses a data-driven, interdisciplinary approach that targets areas for improvement and employs proven countermeasures, integrating application of education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency medical and trauma services (the “4Es”). A combination of strategies from different focus areas is often most effective for solving a particular problem.

For more information please visit the MN state website for MN Towards Zero Deaths.

Alcohol Compliance Checks:

Every year the Lyon County Sheriff's Office conducts random Alcohol Compliance Checks on establishments that serve alcohol throughout Lyon County. Our goals is to have all establishments checked successfully pass these compliance checks.

What is an Alcohol Compliance Check?

  • An alcohol compliance check is a tool used to identify alcohol establishments that sell alcohol to underage youth. The practice of conducting compliance checks can be:
    • Mandated by a local ordinance that outlines standards for conducting the checks people or agencies responsible for conducting the compliance checks, and penalties for establishments, servers and sellers who illegally sell or serve alcohol to underage youth.

Voluntarily implemented by Law Enforcement or licensing authorities.

  • Compliance checks can be used for these purposes:
    • To enforce state criminal statutes, local administrative ordinances, or both.
    • Enforcement
    • Educational

To identify, warn, and educate alcohol establishments that serve or sell alcohol to underage youth.

  • Generally, compliance checks are implemented by the following procedures:
    • Alcohol licensees are informed that compliance checks will occur at various times throughout the year and about potential penalties for selling alcohol to underage youth.
    • While an enforcement agent (police officer or other authorized person) waits outside the premises, a person under age 21 attempts to purchase or order an alcoholic beverage.
    • If the alcohol establishment sells alcohol to the young person, the enforcement agent issues a citation either to the seller/server or to the establishment: the law enforcement officer may charge the server or seller who sold the alcohol (when compliance checks are used to enforce state laws governing servers and sellers).

The officer may issue an administrative citation, which is imposed upon the alcohol license holder rather than the individual server or seller (when compliance checks are used to enforce local administrative ordinances). Because administrative charges are easier, faster, and less expensive to prosecute, they can be the best option-and in some communities the only option-for penalizing alcohol establishments.

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